Find me here..


I’d love to hear your thoughts on my blog – if it inspired you in any way, whether there’s anything specific you’d like to read about, travel recommendations or just a hello!

For any queries, collaborations and chit-chat, you can reach me via email at

(I’m always on the lookout for exciting blogging campaigns and collaboration with relevant brands. I try to respond to every email within a week; but if you don’t hear back from me, feel free to nudge me again.)



2 thoughts on “Find me here..

  1. Hey Shikha Di!

    Whats going on with You!!

    I loved every bit of soul strokes. Pictures, ides, thoughts and experiences,

    Nice initiative,

    You have a long way to go girl!!

    Love Always


  2. Hey, thanks a lot dear..
    Got bored with the monotonous IT Job, so started this.
    I am not sure how long I would be able to continue, but for now its a good timepass. 🙂


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