My Painting Journey – Part II

The journey of my paintings from water colors to mixed media, abstract and textured art.

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Baby Steps To Add Greenery To Your Space..

I love having pets & plants around the house, they make your space a lot more lively and happier. Now since having pets can’t be everyone’s game, having plants is super easy & less messy 😛 . I recently shifted to a new apartment and am super keen on making my rented space feel more […]

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The City of Whispering Monuments!!

Bidar: a hill-top city in the north-eastern part of Karnataka; well known for its architectural, historical and religious importance. The history of the city goes back to third century B.C. when it was of the great Mauryan Empire. Located around 150 km from Hyderabad, it is like the perfect getaway for a day from the […]

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Stationary Haul!!

Hey All, there is something different on the blog today than the usual content. It might sound kiddish to few but I am all in love for paper stuff, canvas sheets, colors, craft materials etc etc. After a recent spring cleaning mode that I was on, I organized my current stash. Though it was huge but […]

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Happy Women’s Day!!

International Women’s Day is celebrated the world over on 8th of March. It pays tribute to the impregnable spirit of women across the globe. The first National Woman’s Day was more or less a political event, observed across the United States on 28 February. Since then it continued to be celebrated as National Woman’s Day […]

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