17 Resolutions for 2017

Hey friends, we are in 2017…. So, it’s officially that time of the year when all of us reflect on the past and try to make goals or promises or resolutions for the future (well, most of us 😛 ). Now sometimes we say it out loud to our friends and family, sometimes we just make a list and keep it to ourselves and sometimes we just think of it and make a subconscious mental note about something that we really really want to do. Continue reading “17 Resolutions for 2017”


My Creative Pursuits!!

This past weekend I was sitting in the balcony sipping my tea as usual and thinking about my life’s journey over the years, school, college, Infosys, Oracle; I realized that over the period of time many people taught me many things, from textbooks in school, to course material in college; from personal values at home to professional etiquette’s at work. Continue reading “My Creative Pursuits!!”

The City of Whispering Monuments!!

Bidar: a hill-top city in the north-eastern part of Karnataka; well known for its architectural, historical and religious importance. The history of the city goes back to third century B.C. when it was of the great Mauryan Empire. Located around 150 km from Hyderabad, it is like the perfect getaway for a day from the hustle of the city. Continue reading “The City of Whispering Monuments!!”

Monday Interior Inspo!!

I love subtle shades on interiors, especially white; it magically makes everything around happy, calm and put together. It is never boring but just in case you do get bored you have like a big huge white canvas at your disposal primed and prepped to go in and fill it with your artwork.

You can pair white with pastels, but like I said it is just a canvas and you can never go wrong with whatever color you pick for further  additions. You can go rustic with woodwork for depth or accentuate with natural plants around or even play around with bold shades like gold and black and see what works best for you.


Be Bold, try White!! 😛 😉


Floored by Bold Blue!!

Blue is a color that speaks confidence and stability. From cobalt to sapphire, cerulean to navy, this color has a shade for everyone. The midnight Blue and Zaffre are two of my favorites. It is really easy to rock this color as it grabs attention and you can go minimal or accessories and makeup.

I loved this classic floor length gown in Cobalt Blue that leaves a small and sexy train behind you. You can rock the dress on any formal event or a special occasion. Go bold and pretty in this lovely combination of the right color and the perfect hemline.







Dress : Liberent
Necklace : Global Desi
(P.S. : Ignore the remnants of Flash Tattoo on my arm 😛 😉 )

See you soon!!
Soul Strokes…