Chase your Dreams, not Perfection!

“Life is too short to leave your wishes and dreams at the mercy of Perfection.” Our desires are far too important to be kept aside for anything or anyone especially the idea of Perfection. Time or circumstances might never be perfect, it’s our will and interest in what we want that has to be perfect. […]

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2018 so far and Goals ahead..

Hey Guys, Welcome Back! Today I am in a bit of a chatty mood so, you might wanna grab a cup of tea before you sit down for this one. I hope your 2018 has been great so far and you are on the path to accomplishing your goals and having a lot of fun […]

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Thekkady: Greener than Green

I have been chronicling my trip to Kerala on this blog and this one is the final chapter of the book. I started off with the marvelous Tea Estates all around, followed by a Photoblog from the colorful streets of Fort Kochi. Then came the beautiful staycation at Idduki with Vagamon in toe. For all the […]

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Simplifying Life with Haute Tyffyn!!

It’s the little things that we don’t even notice in our life, that if managed well can make a lot of difference in our lifestyle and productivity. When the random hassles of everyday life are cut short, thats when your mind become more free and energised to focus on the right things. And so I […]

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Top 5 Beauty & Skincare Favorites

I am super stoked to be sitting down here and writing this blog. There were a lot of products and things I tried out in 2016 and today I am going to do a quick roundup of everything that I have been enjoying throughout the year. I never thought I would go through one year […]

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17 Resolutions for 2017

Hey friends, we are in 2017…. So, it’s officially that time of the year when all of us reflect on the past and try to make goals or promises or resolutions for the future (well, most of us 😛 ). Now sometimes we say it out loud to our friends and family, sometimes we just […]

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