My Jewellery Obsession!!

Hey Girls (and Guys if you are still reading it post the title 😛 ), this one is a totally different blog from what you would have seen before. But before I jump into it I want to share with you all that I did my first short film 😀 😀 . Thanks to Mubeen who believed that I am good enough to be a part of the movie and to an amazing amazing bunch of people who were a part of this project. Continue reading “My Jewellery Obsession!!”


My Creative Pursuits!!

This past weekend I was sitting in the balcony sipping my tea as usual and thinking about my life’s journey over the years, school, college, Infosys, Oracle; I realized that over the period of time many people taught me many things, from textbooks in school, to course material in college; from personal values at home to professional etiquette’s at work. Continue reading “My Creative Pursuits!!”

Powerful Mystery!!







“I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.”
 Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Black, the color of power, elegance, formality, death, evil and mystery. It is associated with a negative connotation at times to things like fear, secrets, death  or evil but at the same time it denotes strength, authority & control. Prestige, elegance & sophistication are also best represented with this color. In Chinese culture, colors corresponded with the five primary elements, the directions, and the four seasons. Black was associated with water, north, and winter. The color black is so widely regarded as sophisticated in fashion that the term “the new black” is often used to describe and give merit to a color trend.

But apart from all those connotations with black, I simply love the color, just for the fact that it makes me feel confident instantly and I know that I can never go wrong with black. It’s like when you put some colors on black or grey backgrounds, they stand out and shine, I feel black attires make you as a person stand out and shine powerfully and gracefully!!(also I feel it makes you look slimmer :P).

“There is no question that the clothes you wear are an extension of your personality — an unspoken but clear message to the rest of the world.”

Halter Top : Forever21
Shorts : UCB
Knee High Socks (loving these!!): Forever21