Double Denim in Fort Kochi…

I love traveling and I love doing it in Style, but at the same time, I don’t want to lose on the comfort of being myself. I want to be able to enjoy and relax, feel free and be fashionable. Travel Fashion becomes so so simple when you have Denim in the bag.  Continue reading “Double Denim in Fort Kochi…”


Fall Trend Report 2017

Okay, Summer is officially over. Though I am still not in fall-mode but there are so many blogs I see daily talking about Fall Fashion or Fall Colours or Fall Trends that it’s just getting difficult to ignore the season anymore and so I finally decided it’s time for a quick Fall update. So let’s quickly cover 5 of the most loved and trending season updates. Continue reading “Fall Trend Report 2017”

Distressed Denim Decoded …

I remember when I recently wrote a blog on 5 Hot Denim Trends With Zara, I wanted to get into some ripped denim of my own and do a blog on styling any of those trendy denims. My idea got life one fine day when my friend Ritika and I were both rocking ripped denim but in our very own unique crazy styles. Continue reading “Distressed Denim Decoded …”

5 Hot Denim Trends with ZARA !!

Denims are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe and it is more just limited to the good old jeans. We can see Denim everywhere from shirts, dresses to shoes, bags and accessories these days. While it is very easy to stick to the basics with jeans and just play around with tops and accessories, there are a few Denim trends that are easy to play with and are a must try this season. Continue reading “5 Hot Denim Trends with ZARA !!”