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I grew up in a city in Uttarakhand and back in my school days at home, I was allowed to customise my room in any way I wanted. Paint on the walls, nail boards and accessories, posters and murals, just about anything that I wanted and I did a very good job at it back then. So, when I got to move out and come to Hyderabad for my first job; I was pretty ecstatic to be living in a new city and for the opportunity to create a new pretty space of my own. But that never happened!

My dream housing situation was to live in a Studio Apartment, with all my friends in close proximity and like go crazy with the decor and style of the apartment to reflect my personality & feelings, keeping it homely and comfy at the same time. Sadly didn’t work out cause you are living in a rented apartment and tempering with the walls in any way is like a strict no no. I feel like that’s a very common Indian thing. To top it all off, I have lived in 4 different houses during my stay in Hyderabad and trust me all had this weird creamy, yellowish colour on the walls (why don’t people pick some other colour 😦 😦 ).

I have come to realise that you should be in a space that reflects you, comforts you, inspires and aspires you. You are going to be in your house/ room for a good 12 hours if not more everyday and so it should be a place that you come back to and feel comfortable and cozy in. Creating a home away from home can’t be possible without your own sweet touches and I have finally decided that I am going to take that step to do what I have always wanted to – “Paint my room in the shades and textures I LOVE” and don’t give a S**T about anything else.

So the process began last night when I narrowed down to 2 colour options to paint the walls of my room: Lush Meadow(PANTONE 18-5845) and Sharkskin(PANTONE 17-3914) and for texture a little bit of grainy, concrete wall look or the watercolour effect. And thats when the adrenaline and excitement filled me again and I decided to write this blog to share my final picks with you all. Might be of some help to those of you who have always wanted to do something like this or even to those who are in the mood to redecorate or just go crazy 😉 .











You know you have reached a certain level of adulthood when you start listening to your heart and taking these little steps towards living a fulfilled life. Really excited about this little dream project of mine and will keep you posted with the updates. And yeah, let me know what’s your pick!! 🙂

See you soon


Activated Charcoal: 5 easy uses at home!

Activated charcoal is a potent natural treatment used to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out so the body doesn’t reabsorb them. It is a fine, black powder that is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic. The whole benefit of activation is that it increases the surface area of charcoal, and makes it dry & porous. It readily absorbs a wide range of organic compounds dissolved or suspended in gases and liquids. Continue reading “Activated Charcoal: 5 easy uses at home!”

Stationary Haul!!

Hey All, there is something different on the blog today than the usual content. It might sound kiddish to few but I am all in love for paper stuff, canvas sheets, colors, craft materials etc etc.
After a recent spring cleaning mode that I was on, I organized my current stash. Though it was huge but it got very mundane and boring so I thought its time to hit the store. All of the products mentioned here are bought from local stores and shall be easily available everywhere. So lets jump in…


I am not much of a painter but occasionally when I am in the best of my mind I try; and so there always always has to be a canvas board in my cupboard. I got this 18×24 canvas board that I have already started experimenting on 😛 😛 (will share the final look once I am done).


Not sure why but my paint brushes wear out very fast, so every 7-8 months I am on the lookout for a new pack that will probably stay longer with me. I heard synthetic brushes do the trick so I got this pack of 6 flat brushes (number 12,10,8,6,4 & 2). I so hope I dont have to rush back for brushes for an year now.


Moving on to the crafty stuff, I am all into pom-poms these days (pretty evident from my previous blog), and I just couldnt resist when I laid eyes on these cute balls. I am so not sure what I am gonna do with these but what the heck!!


Next on is this Paper Raffia bundle. Each bundle is 30 yards and I got 3 of these. The inspiration for these came from immense decorative ideas on pinterest for gift wrapping. Just add this on top of any normal gift wrap and it becomes so very beautiful instantly.

Art is no more a 2D affair, there are embossings and embellishments and everything to make you feel the work. These beautiful 3D stickers just might turn your next project into an easy one!! Also couldn’t resist the metallic charms that are super versatile, can be added onto any accessory and make it even more edgy instantly.



The most beautiful of all things I got are these birds and feet shaped buttons. They are so vibrant and colorful that I couldnt leave without them.


And finally, the all famous “Iron Patches”. Patches are a rave in fashion these days, from sweatshirts to backpacks or jeans they are everywhere. I wanted to get my hands on these for soo long. Though I couldn’t get much variety to pick from but I just can’t wait to experiment with them. If anyone knows a website that has a good variety of Iron patches please do leave a comment below!!

Now, I feel most of my purchase just might be impulsive, but maybe jotting down the ideas and stuff here will help me get my ass moving!! 😛 😀

To the creative sparks….

Soul Strokes..