Fall Trend Report 2017

Okay, Summer is officially over. Though I am still not in fall-mode but there are so many blogs I see daily talking about Fall Fashion or Fall Colours or Fall Trends that it’s just getting difficult to ignore the season anymore and so I finally decided it’s time for a quick Fall update. So let’s quickly cover 5 of the most loved and trending season updates. Continue reading “Fall Trend Report 2017”


Brunch Look with FLYROBE

As a fashion blogger, everybody always tries to put new, fresh, creative content out there; buying new clothes, shoes, accessories and it gets so, so expensive! I am usually quite good at ensuring that I have something nice to wear for any occasion, but as is the case, sometimes some looks just don’t fit. Continue reading “Brunch Look with FLYROBE”

5 Must Have Colors For Fall

A thing about change is that it’s permanent, and there is no better example of this than the changing fashion trends and colors. Now that fall is here, all of you girls/guys are going to rejoice in some shopping. And with shopping comes the confusion of what colors to pick. Sure there would always be some pet colors that you would want to keep in your wardrobe but wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a little cheat sheet to pick the trendiest colors for this fall and be a proud fashionista flaunting them. 😀 Continue reading “5 Must Have Colors For Fall”

Goodbye Summers 2016…

September is here….. Yeyyy!! 😀 😀
Why am I soo happy? Cause now I can get back to wearing all the dark, nude, fall colors that I love, without worrying to keep up with trends…

Since it’s officially time to say Goodbye to Summer 2016, I thought of doing it with a bright colorful post. The colors of summers are appealing to everyone, and this year we saw all the more vivid ones, flashes of green, bright lemony yellows, luscious peaches, but all the more hits were the Serenity and Rose Quartz. And even with all these pretty shades going around I stuck with nude, coffee, blue & white palettes for most of the season( I know too sad but that’s me 😛 😛 ).
Now that it was officially time to move onto what I actually love wearing, I thought of saying goodbye in the right way and there is just one girl I know who is as perky as these color. So last Sunday me and my friend Ritika took some pretty random but colorful fun shots 😛


I hope you like these & are as excited as me for Fall.. From Riverside to SharkSkin, From AuroraRed to SpicyMustrad. You will witness everything here pretty soon….