September Faves..

Helloo Again lovely people.. October is here, and with it comes the festive, party season. Diwali, I have a few trips planned in the coming months, my Birthday, Christmas and NewYears; in short meeting friends and family and a lot of travel, fun and parties.. Yey!! Keeping aside my excitement for now, let’s dive into Favourites for the month. I didn’t try anything very exciting or different but I just have some everyday kinda products that I loved last month. So let’s begin as I have a lot to share today..

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August Faves…

Hello Everyone and welcome back to another Favourites Blog. I have a long list of things I have been enjoying for the last few months and as September has creeped up on us I thought it’s time to put everything together. So this is like a 3 in combo for the months of June,July & August (so grab a drink before you start maybe 🙂 ) and let’s begin!

Brush with Bamboo: Starting with a very unique product that I have been using for about 2 months now. I wasn’t aware that something like this even existed few months back, when a friend of mine introduced me to this and I instantly fell in love with the idea. We are always consciously trying to eliminate plastic from our lives but there are things that are so deeply entangled in our everyday routines that we sometime just totally forget about it like a simple toothbrush. You would be surprised to know that over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes that will never biodegrade are dumped in landfills and oceans every year worldwide. Now that’s some change motivation right there. Everything from the handle, bristles to the packaging of this brush is either biodegradable or compostable or can be recycled. You can check out their website for more details.



Activated Charcoal: I have talked about the benefits of Activated Charcoal in one of my previous blogs( Activated Charcoal: 5 easy uses at home! ) Today I want to specifically reiterate the use of Charcoal in toothpaste. When I was doing my bit of research on Brush with Bamboo, I landed on many vlogs and blogs who talked about Charcoal brushing for healthier, whiter teeth. You can try using the Charcoal powder as is or mix it with the toothpaste or toothpowder of your choice. There are toothpaste available in the market that have charcoal that would definitely be less messy (as compared to using powder) but I am not sure how effective they would be.



Oriflame Shampoo & Conditioner: Next up are these very cute bottles of Oriflame Milk & Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. I love these for 3 reasons, first off the packaging and the size of these bottles is perfect to carry while traveling(and that’s majorly how I have used these, during my travels). And second, they are very mild and no damage on the hair, sometimes when you are traveling to new places the environment change does damage the hair texture and body and I just hate it. This one though keeps them tamed, healthy, without adding to the damage. Since it’s pretty mild, I won’t recommend this for oily hair (might need something a bit more strong for that).


Victoria’s Secret Bombshells in Bloom: Apart from the fact that the packaging is really pretty, girly and travel-friendly, I totally love this VS body lotion because it’s light and smells absolutely delicious! It’s non-sticky and absorbs in the skin instantly. The fragrance is described as a blend of passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid, it’s subtle & light but still might not be your thing if you don’t like fruity scents. Since it’s very light, it might not suitable for dry skin or during winters, will maybe put it to test around the time.



Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction: I got introduced to the mist concept this year itself when I picked up 2 from The Body Shop (absolutely amazing scent). And that’s when somehow I accumulated multiple of these from different brands. One of the mist I love in my collection is this Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction. I am generally not very fond of fruity scents but this one is very subtle red plum and freesia. The mist comes in a simple, durable, neat, convenient-to-use plastic spray bottle(point being travel friendly 😛 ) so you won’t be bothered about its breakage. And the scent lingers on for a very long time so that definitely a plus.


Lauren Conrad Earrings: So the perks of having friends who work in US is that you get these unexpected gifts. And if your friends know you well you get exactly what you like 😀 . I got this beautiful earring set from one such very dear friend and I have been repeating these for office ever since. They are so perfect for everyday office wear, classy, simple and elegant. The gold ones go with almost every outfit, simple pearls for when you wanna take it up a notch and the blue and gold anchors for a lil more casual vibe. I feel every girl should have some such goto pieces with her.



Moving on TV & Movie Fun and of-course starting off with GOT!!

Game of Thrones: This is one series that I just can’t miss. Every episode has to be watched Monday morning first thing or else the day just can’t start. Plus the fun part this time was the leaked episodes in the middle of the weeks. Oh My God! the excitement to watch it, stay away from spoilers and Whatsapp groups and friends was the real shit to deal with. But nonetheless as always, GOT was full of fun and excitement (sad that have to wait for 2 years for the next one).


The Good Wife: This one was recommended by a friend to fill the void after GOT as always. I wasn’t very sure that I would like it at first honestly, cause it’s kind of on similar lines as SUITS ( and I am sold for it, though last 2 season feel lil slow and repetitive). But this was a very refreshing change, Alicia Florrick (played by Julianna Margulies) does an amazing job as the lead along with other characters. The series is a legal, political drama and doesn’t feel boring or repetitive or lacking the punch at any point. Enjoying it so far.


Hindi Medium: This one was a refreshing change after a long time from the boring, stupid Hindi Cinema. A couple from Chandni Chowk aspires to give their daughter the best education and goes through some really twisted ups and downs in the process. The actors did an amazing work and oh yes the song Suit Suit was I guess the highlight before and even after the movie release. Great flick after a long time!


Wonder Woman: Not a very big fan of the Action, Adventure, Fantasy genre, I went half heartedly for this movie just cause my friends wanted to go for it and I was sold in the first half an hour. OH MY GOD Gal Gadot is freaking, smoking hot in there. I am pretty sure not the guys but even the girls who watch this will be drooling over sexy, serious demeanour. And Petty Jenkins did some impressive levels of Badass Direction. Must must watch.


So that’s it for the Favourites of the month guys. Also I have realised as much as I love certain products while I try them, there are times when I really don’t like a few cause they just don’t seem to be doing anything at all or they aren’t worth the hype or the price tag. So I am planning to do a blog on that soon, cause as much as I like sharing the good stuff with you I feel obliged to warn you about the not so good stuff as well. On that note, signing off to see you soon and have a great September!



As some of you might already know, I am big big fan of TBS products. There is always some product that needs to be restocked or something that they recently launched which I want to try out. I wasn’t always this addicted to BodyShop but one after the other I tried their different products and now I just can’t seem to live without the products. Continue reading “THE BODY SHOP HAUL !!”

July Favorites!!

Hey All, July was a very busy but beautiful month for me. I tried to create a variety of content on the blog and I was hoping to do a few more blogs since my last one but got caught up with some things and couldn’t make it. Anyways, I will try and stick to that coming month as well and there is going to be more of travel too as I love traveling around in monsoon (yes, I am a typical Pluviophile 😀 😀 ).


So, the beauty favorites this month are quite few. I mentioned in my June Favorites that I loved the app Smytten and the Love And Joy Perfume by All Good Scents that I got in my first trial. I placed order for the full bottle and I have been wearing it all this month. I have never been a fan of floral scents, but this perfume is just leaving me spell bound. The amazing fruity, flowery and fresh fragrance is so distinctive that you just can’t resist it. The perfume is not too strong but it is not mild either. It’s at that perfect level where you wouldn’t be able to ignore it but it would still not be over powering. And the bottle is soo cute! 😛


Next up are these pretty shades of liquid lipsticks from Chambor. The color range in this new launch of Extreme wear Transferproof lipsticks is really great. The stain is very pigmented and creamy and it doesn’t dry out lips like other liquid lipsticks. The one’s I got are number 431 & 484.

DSC_0007 (2)-3

And a quick final mention to the White matte nails that I have been wearing all through this month and still can’t get enough. I think Colorbar Exclusive 37 was the perfect white, it didn’t stain or chip off easy and also didn’t make me ghost like (if you know what I mean!!). And the Colorbar Insanely Matte Top Coat was the cherry on top.

DSC_0035-15.jpg DSC_0006-3

Ok moving on. I read 2 books this month. The first one was “Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir by Padma Lakshmi“. Some of you might know her as a famous model or a TV host or an ex-wife to a famous writer but once you are through with the book you will know her for what she truly is. Nonetheless, the journey of her life is very beautifully written here and is definitely going to strike some chords of your memories or soul.

Another book that I gave a shot to was “Jim Rohn’s The Key To Success“. There is nothing special or new or life-changing in the book. Same old mantras written down in just different words, of which only a few stood out like:

“Work harder on yourself then on your job.”
“Treat your body like a temple.”
“Design Life.”


The only movie that I  enjoyed was “Sultan“. Salman, his dance, the songs, Anushka & ofcourse Randeep Hooda everyone is good to watch!! Apart from the movie I have been hooked on “Homeland” this moth. Loved the power packed character of CIA Operative Carrie, sane yet insane or was it the other way around. Though Season 4 & 5 kind of dipped down cause of a lead character missing(no spoilers) nonetheless the series would be a good watch for anyone who enjoys series with Politics or Power Plays.


And the final mention to the favorites of this month is this new site that I stumbled upon one day, “Skillshare“. There are many websites out there to teach you Technical skills or course books stuff, but this one is by far the best if you want to learn new Creative Skills or even hone your existing skills. There are courses on this site from Crafts to Business and in lean, short easy to comprehend videos. I find listening to these even better than the Podcasts.

As always keep sharing your lovely comments & emails guys and I will see soon in a Travel/Lookbook blog…