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I grew up in a city in Uttarakhand and back in my school days at home, I was allowed to customise my room in any way I wanted. Paint on the walls, nail boards and accessories, posters and murals, just about anything that I wanted and I did a very good job at it back then. So, when I got to move out and come to Hyderabad for my first job; I was pretty ecstatic to be living in a new city and for the opportunity to create a new pretty space of my own. But that never happened!

My dream housing situation was to live in a Studio Apartment, with all my friends in close proximity and like go crazy with the decor and style of the apartment to reflect my personality & feelings, keeping it homely and comfy at the same time. Sadly didn’t work out cause you are living in a rented apartment and tempering with the walls in any way is like a strict no no. I feel like that’s a very common Indian thing. To top it all off, I have lived in 4 different houses during my stay in Hyderabad and trust me all had this weird creamy, yellowish colour on the walls (why don’t people pick some other colour 😦 😦 ).

I have come to realise that you should be in a space that reflects you, comforts you, inspires and aspires you. You are going to be in your house/ room for a good 12 hours if not more everyday and so it should be a place that you come back to and feel comfortable and cozy in. Creating a home away from home can’t be possible without your own sweet touches and I have finally decided that I am going to take that step to do what I have always wanted to – “Paint my room in the shades and textures I LOVE” and don’t give a S**T about anything else.

So the process began last night when I narrowed down to 2 colour options to paint the walls of my room: Lush Meadow(PANTONE 18-5845) and Sharkskin(PANTONE 17-3914) and for texture a little bit of grainy, concrete wall look or the watercolour effect. And thats when the adrenaline and excitement filled me again and I decided to write this blog to share my final picks with you all. Might be of some help to those of you who have always wanted to do something like this or even to those who are in the mood to redecorate or just go crazy 😉 .











You know you have reached a certain level of adulthood when you start listening to your heart and taking these little steps towards living a fulfilled life. Really excited about this little dream project of mine and will keep you posted with the updates. And yeah, let me know what’s your pick!! 🙂

See you soon


Simplifying Life with Haute Tyffyn!!

It’s the little things that we don’t even notice in our life, that if managed well can make a lot of difference in our lifestyle and productivity. When the random hassles of everyday life are cut short, thats when your mind become more free and energised to focus on the right things. And so I am here, talking about this product that I believe every working professional should try Vaya Tyffyn .  Continue reading “Simplifying Life with Haute Tyffyn!!”

Holiday Gift Guide..

Hello lovely people…

Many of my friends have requested for a gift guide blog for the upcoming Holiday season, Christmas / New Year or even otherwise. And since I myself struggle everytime to find gifts for my friends (especially boys) for festivals or birthdays, I thought it would be an interesting blog to share with everyone of you and maybe help you through this difficult task 🙂 . I planned of dividing this into sections for guys and girls, but I ended up liking more of unisex things and you can figure out yourself what goes for who, makes the job easy 😛 . I hope some of you get inspired by this and share your love with your friends this season with a cute gift ( Disclaimer to all my friends : a little surprise never hurts 😛 ) .

(You can click on the image to go the website where these products are available) 

Candles : These lovely vanilla scented candles in gold tumblers add up a warm, cozy vibe to the home. The gilded tumblers add charm to any space and make the “Vatavaran” party ready 😉 .


Journal : I feel planners & journals are quite personal and can’t be gifted. But I am very very inspired by the idea of this journal that anyone can use. The idea behind this 5 Minute Journal, is to start your day happy and end it in retrospection, being grateful for what you have got and planning to be more productive and happy. And all you need for all of this is 5 minutes.


Tea / Coffee : For the crazy tea/coffee lovers, find something exotic and different than usual and you will be remembered every time a steaming cup is brewed. I don’t drink coffee but for those who love tea try something from Tea Trunk. I love their tea and the cute little tin boxes are just adorable.


Fragrances : I have heard some people say that fragrances don’t make a good gift, but who cares if the scent is just WOW!! I recently got to try Perfumes from AllGoodScents and they are just amazing. I personally love Love&Joy with its lovely floral peony, litchi notes. And I also gifted my brother Urban Nights which he is currently enjoying. You can also create a gift box or try a tester pack from here.



Skincare : Winters scream skincare and everyone can use some extra care and love to make their skin happy and glowing. From Body Butters to Hand Creams The Body Shop has almost anything and everything you can think of. Try out their gift sets or better yet create your own from their huge product list.


Instax : And the best for the last, a cute lil, lovely, Instax so that your loved ones can create lovely memories with you in the wonderful year that’s just round the corner.


Splurge in some love for your loved ones and even for yourself. Have loads of happy, crazy, wild parties this holiday season and cherish all the lovely moments you create…  I will catch up with you soon in the next one..


Baby Steps To Add Greenery To Your Space..

I love having pets & plants around the house, they make your space a lot more lively and happier. Now since having pets can’t be everyone’s game, having plants is super easy & less messy 😛 . I recently shifted to a new apartment and am super keen on making my rented space feel more like home. And there is no better way to do that than adding pretty plants around. I was looking for some design inspirations for past few days and I stumbled upon some beautiful things that I wanted to share with you as a cheat sheet for anyone who is interested.


3 basic reason why I consider keeping plants in the house:

  • They enhance the décor. Adding greenery to any room instantly adds color and texture. If your casa is full of neutrals, place the plant in a bright pot for a fun pop of color or vice-versa.
  • They purify the air. We can’t do much about the air pollution outside but atleast we can breathe better indoors. Plants increase oxygen levels and remove toxins from the air from furnishings, finishes and household cleaners.
  • Plants make people happy and that’s not me bragging that’s Reasearch. Having indoor plants can provide a calmer environment making you feel more optimistic, and contribute to your overall well being.

Aloe Vera, Money Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Jade, Bamboo are few of the easiest to start with. For example, Aloevera just needs medium light & moist soil and it quickly multiplies into a large bush. It helps clearing formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Gel inside the plant soothes skin inflammation caused by sunburn. You can even place the stem into the freezer for an extra cooling effect.



Purchasing houseplants from local nursery is best. They offer healthier plants, usually pesticide free, and have been taking care of them for some time. They are also fully acclimated to the region and the staff at your will be educated in any plant-related questions and can help teach you about your new plant.

Plants drive on water & light, appropriate portion of both for different kinds of plants is generally all you need to know. As an addon its good to know about the size of the of the pot for your plant (I have seen earthen pots break if it is unable to contain the growing roots inside or if the pot is bigger than needed the roots might rot leading to decay). Also make sure to choose a pot with a hole in bottom for excess water to drain out. Add a matching saucer to prevent water from running on the floor. If you come across the pot of your dreams with no drainage hole & really want it try putting rocks at the bottom before the soil to help soak up the extra water.




A few more tips before I sign off :

  • If it’s leaning toward the window or the light source, it’s craving some sunshine. Push it closer to the window and spin it around so it balances out.
  • If possible, capture rainwater in a bucket outside to water your plants. Plants thrive best with natural sources of water.
  • Every so often, wipe down the leaves of each plant with a damp cloth to ensure its best absorption of air particles and toxins. Plus it keeps them bright and shiny!
  • If you still aren’t happy and want to add some personal touch to the whole feel, I would recommend painting your pots or finding the one’s that would resonate best with your style and interiors of your house.


If you are interested in home decor you might want to take a look at my previous blog “Monday Interior Inspo”

Have fun decorating your space!!

SoulStrokes …