The Poetic Wreckage of a Creative Soul.

I wish to have another night.
Hoping all will turn out right.
I wish to have you by my side.
One more night to hug me tight.
I wish to rest on your shoulder again,
Listening to the plans you made;
And wait for you to cuddle in my arms.
I wish to wake up by your side.
My mornings aren’t the same,
Without the twinkle of your eyes.
I wish for another hug that engulfs me.
The one that makes me feels complete.
I wish you smile at me again.
And I fall in love again.
If no more, I wish for a sign.
I wish it says, “I’ll remember you always.”
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My Creative Pursuits!!

This past weekend I was sitting in the balcony sipping my tea as usual and thinking about my life’s journey over the years, school, college, Infosys, Oracle; I realized that over the period of time many people taught me many things, from textbooks in school, to course material in college; from personal values at home to professional etiquette’s at work. Continue reading “My Creative Pursuits!!”

The Secret and Me

The first time I watched The Secret, was around 5 years back (my good old college days). The film is classified under self-help category and lays its foundation on the fact that everything one wants or needs, can be achieved by believing in the outcome and maintaining a positive outlook. I watched the movie and forgot about it thinking that it’s crazy shit and won’t work in real life (though the film had showcased a serious number of renowned people backing “the law of attraction” and how anyone, anywhere can tap into it).


2-3 years later I saw the book at a store and bought it, just thinking it might have some fragments more practical and closer to real life than the movie. I was literally surprised after reading the book, I got so engaged in it that I finished it in one go on a weekend. Now I am not sure what happened in these 2-3 years between the movie and the book, as the content of both is literally the same but somehow I am still under the spell of the book.

I literally love the book and everything it talks about from positive thinking to creative visualization, personal power to law of attraction and the fact that it somehow all boils down to how badly you want something in your life and ultimately, to your own personal belief and confidence that you deserve what you want and you are going to get it.


The Secret posits that the law of attraction is a natural law like gravity that has been always there for people to tap into. It determines the order of our personal lives through the process of “like attracts like”. The author claims that as we think and feel, a corresponding frequency is sent out into the universe which attracts back to us events and circumstances on that same frequency. For example, if you are sad and think sad thoughts and feel sad, you are going to attract more things in your life that will make you sad. And that’s where tapping into your emotional system and deliberately making an effort to remove the bad feelings and to feel good comes in the picture. Like it’s said “Fake it, till you Make it”.


Everything presented in here makes your thought process simpler, and gives you the energy and enthusiasm to go by smoothly with your life problems, just smile, feel good and get going with the best you can do with your time. I am trying to implement the tricks suggested in the book to make things work for me (like getting up early, I am a big time late riser), hope they do work soon enough. But some really simple things like getting a surprise call from a friend or getting an unexpected cup of tea have worked for me.

I will suggest all of you to give this book a try, maybe it will click with you and help or maybe it won’t. But you will never know till you try and till then Think Good, Feel Happy, Sleep with nice thoughts, Wake up with Gratitude, have Faith in yourself and keep doing what you love doing.



Remember Me

Alright people, first post of 2016 coming down nearly at the end first month of 2016. This time my big bad procrastination habit is not the reason trust me on that, it is just that amidst all the chaos going on in the blogger world about “THE” first post of the year, I just couldn’t tumble down the well of ideas that I had to find out the one thing that I would love to share as my first blog of the year. Yeah I know nobody might care much but by the end of first week of Jan I became super obsessed with my idea of putting out something only when I can do it being true to myself and not just for the sake of it.

I waited for the moment when magically something clicks and you rush towards your laptop to vomit down all in your mind as soon as possible just cause you don’t want to miss on anything even by chance. I never believed that ideas come and go, I was of the opinion that once you have an idea or thought in your mind it will stay with you till it takes a form that you can look, see maybe just feel and appreciate. But since I heard the Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on “Your Elusive Creative Genius” (which by the way is a real good watch) I agreed to disagree with my own prior belief. She beautifully quoted that ideas come and go, if you do not give respect to them and appreciate them the moment that they arrive, they literally might get very offended and leave you to find someone else who understands their worth and acts on them. You see the Universe is all about Action and all for the man who Acts.

Onyx wall tile

I picked and dropped many ideas like : 2015 review, moments I cherished in 2015, things I am looking forward to in 2016, my 2016 bucket list ( that idea went real crazy and really long in my mind), quotes to live by in 2016 & blah blah blah. All came and went leaving me with more love for the next idea that was about to come. Why today and now? Well it was just another Friday evening till I decided to watch “Remember Me” , ( just for Robert Pattinson I thought) and without any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it I would safely say that it hit me hard with an array of thoughts coming in from all dimensions and I just wanted to blurt them out as is. The dialogues are so deep and the fact that life is not always fair but you should still always give your fair share of love and affection to the one great gift that anyone can get “Life”.

Onyx wall tile

We often pass years after years after years thinking about the past or worrying over the future. The present gets lost somewhere amidst our goals and hopes and sorrows and dreams. Sometimes appreciating the moment right here right now is essential to get your center of gravity back in place. It’s not that dreams won’t make you fly anymore or worries won’t drag you down but I am hoping that we all will find our space between all craziness around to smile for ourselves, to love the moments we live, to do to the right things, to do that has to be done and to become a memory that is cherished for ages to come.

Onyx wall tile

Hoping we have an exciting year ahead!!
Soul Strokes…


A procrastinators “Post Diwali Edits”!!

It’s official, out and loud, for everyone to know!!

The idea of creating this blog came to me when I went home for Diwali breaks. It was just supposed to be a gallery with the best of my “Diwali Diya” clicks(however few they may be!), and was planned to be published the weekend next to Diwali.

But nope, had it been this simple then everyone would have mastered the 101 of Blogging – ” Be Regular when writing blogs!”

I can’t remember when was the first time I realized that I am a procrastinator, but ever since, it strikes me time and again that I have something to work on and then a few days later PHEW!! I become the same old, big time,bad ass Procrastinator(with genuine excuses people). Now it feels like the Vodafone puppy that will be with me and follow me forever!! 😛 😛

Jokes apart, I know its too late to put this up but I still wanted to go through with the idea. So here I am finally posting these pictures almost a month later in the middle of the night.

Sorry for late upload. Have a great weekend..

Soul Strokes!!
(There should be a book for people like me : “Dealing with Procrastination for Dummies”) 😛 😉