3 Journals you MUST have!

Hello beautiful people! I am here today to talk about my simple and experimental journaling journey and to share with you some tips and ideas to start your journals and reap the benefits of journaling. I have experimented with several different formats, ideas, and techniques to realize that I can now stick to the 3 […]

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The Brain Dump…

Hi everyone, this blog is literally what the title says so be warned before jumping right into it. My brain’s current chaotic status reported as of last midnight, when I wasn’t able to sleep cause of the fever and cold meds and as I was waiting for some relief and sound sleep (for a change) this blog’s […]

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Holiday Gift Guide..

Hello lovely people… Many of my friends have requested for a gift guide blog for the upcoming Holiday season, Christmas / New Year or even otherwise. And since I myself struggle everytime to find gifts for my friends (especially boys) for festivals or birthdays, I thought it would be an interesting blog to share with […]

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