Life & Lights: CharMinar!!

The month of Ramadan, the month of Prayer and giving is one of my favourite times of the year to visit the Historical and Architectural beauty of the city, CharMinar. Surrounded by the energy and life of the festivities, the monument glows like you would have never seen before. The eyes of the people from across the city, who walk down these lanes shine brighter than the brightest of the lights around. Continue reading “Life & Lights: CharMinar!!”


My First PhotoWalk

Hello Beautiful People!! Let me start off this blog with a little background on where this is coming from. In the last week of December 2016, I had the opportunity to visit a small city called Bhimavaram in A.P. for some work. The city is famous for Somarana temple, but I was more in awe of the serene environment and natural beauty of the place. So, one fine evening I decided to pick up my Camera and roam around the place capturing the minute, pretty details that added up to make it so very attractive. Continue reading “My First PhotoWalk”

My Candle Shots!!

Hey All, I went a little crazy and stepped out of my comfort zone this time. I thought I would give a try at taking pictures and be the on the other side of the camera for a while, not that I haven’t ever clicked. I love taking pictures of friends and loads of that happen when I am on travel exploring new places, but yeah low light photography was totally new.

I thought the idea is gonna go down the drain when I clicked some deep S**T pictures in the beginning, but luckily by the end of 2 hours of moving around this candle (and lying down on the floor in all crazy positions :P) I luckily got few decent shots to share here with you guys.


Why this? Cause I love candles and their light makes you feel really centered and calm with the raw earthy touch (may be just in my head). Plus this one has really beautiful, long lasting scent to it (also every human I know was scared to be my guinea pig so…  😦 )  I am going to rave more about the candle more in my favorites blog soon and for now just bask in the satisfaction of my maiden shots.. 😉

Hope you like them!!

(P.S. : Please share any tips or comments for improvement)



A procrastinators “Post Diwali Edits”!!

It’s official, out and loud, for everyone to know!!

The idea of creating this blog came to me when I went home for Diwali breaks. It was just supposed to be a gallery with the best of my “Diwali Diya” clicks(however few they may be!), and was planned to be published the weekend next to Diwali.

But nope, had it been this simple then everyone would have mastered the 101 of Blogging – ” Be Regular when writing blogs!”

I can’t remember when was the first time I realized that I am a procrastinator, but ever since, it strikes me time and again that I have something to work on and then a few days later PHEW!! I become the same old, big time,bad ass Procrastinator(with genuine excuses people). Now it feels like the Vodafone puppy that will be with me and follow me forever!! 😛 😛

Jokes apart, I know its too late to put this up but I still wanted to go through with the idea. So here I am finally posting these pictures almost a month later in the middle of the night.

Sorry for late upload. Have a great weekend..

Soul Strokes!!
(There should be a book for people like me : “Dealing with Procrastination for Dummies”) 😛 😉