A Day in my Life

So, this one was just like any other normal day in my life with the exception that I had to organize an Office Event (which was planned for almost a week) probably for the first time at this scale. I didn’t realize how much I was running around and on calls all day till I […]

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Celebrating Smiles!!

I love clicking pictures, from people and architecture to flowers and products. But lately, I haven’t been able to give much time to Photography post my office hours. I have tried my hand once or twice with low light photography (linked below). My Candle Shots A Procrastinators Post Diwali Edits And have also dabbled time and again […]

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Life & Lights: CharMinar!!

The month of Ramadan, the month of Prayer and giving is one of my favourite times of the year to visit the Historical and Architectural beauty of the city, CharMinar. Surrounded by the energy and life of the festivities, the monument glows like you would have never seen before. The eyes of the people from […]

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