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A Day in my Life

So, this one was just like any other normal day in my life with the exception that I had to organize an Office Event (which was planned for almost a week) probably for the first time at this scale. I didn’t realize how much I was running around and on calls all day till I […]

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A Climb up the Golconda Fort!!

Hyderabad has many such gems that draw tourists by the thousands every year. One such place housed the famous Koh-i-noor and Hope Diamonds at a time and is still standing strong and basking in the glory of numerous stories, intricate designs and amazing architecture; Golconda Fort. I have been to the place multiple times but […]

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Baby Steps To Add Greenery To Your Space..

I love having pets & plants around the house, they make your space a lot more lively and happier. Now since having pets can’t be everyone’s game, having plants is super easy & less messy 😛 . I recently shifted to a new apartment and am super keen on making my rented space feel more […]

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