Fall Trend Report 2017

Okay, Summer is officially over. Though I am still not in fall-mode but there are so many blogs I see daily talking about Fall Fashion or Fall Colours or Fall Trends that it’s just getting difficult to ignore the season anymore and so I finally decided it’s time for a quick Fall update. So let’s quickly cover 5 of the most loved and trending season updates. Continue reading “Fall Trend Report 2017”


5 Must Have Colors For Fall

A thing about change is that it’s permanent, and there is no better example of this than the changing fashion trends and colors. Now that fall is here, all of you girls/guys are going to rejoice in some shopping. And with shopping comes the confusion of what colors to pick. Sure there would always be some pet colors that you would want to keep in your wardrobe but wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a little cheat sheet to pick the trendiest colors for this fall and be a proud fashionista flaunting them. 😀 Continue reading “5 Must Have Colors For Fall”

Never wore so many colors!!

If I have to describe my style or precisely the color palette I tend to shift to while dressing myself up, it would be strictly monochromes; black, white, blue, greys. Give me anything in that color palette and I will be happy, but anything out of it and I am super conscious all the time.

I tried to move out of my basic shades many times, and even my shopping buddies tried to talk me out of the usual shades, but I always always turned back to what I feel confident in. So, when I got a chance to get into this colorful dress from Liberent; I was all set to click a lot and save the moment (cause there might never come a time when I am in so many colors). But sadly, I was so tired after a hectic travel day that I just gave up after a few clicks :(.

Since this moment just might be once in my life, I thought of sharing the pictures anyhow(however few they maybe 😛 ). Plus it’s the month of Holi and I am all in for colors this month 😉 .





See you soon!!

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