All over the place!

I have always wanted to have a routine in my life not something very sharp and planned out but at least something that gets a little more sanity in my life and helps sort my thoughts that are most of the times all over the place. I am one of those people who don’t like […]

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My Ex Garden :(

One of the many things I dislike about moving to a new city is leaving all the beautiful plants that you gave your sweat and time and love to behind. This post is so I don’t forget what I had and also to motivate me to build something new again soon!

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McLeodGanj to Khajjiar: The best Drive ever!

So this post is coming like ages later than it was supposed to but what the heck! I don’t have the 10 to 8 job drill now and the most important thing on my list is writing as much as I have always wanted to during this time #causenomoreexcuses 😛 . So starting with the […]

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