Life & Lights: CharMinar!!

The month of Ramadan, the month of Prayer and giving is one of my favourite times of the year to visit the Historical and Architectural beauty of the city, CharMinar. Surrounded by the energy and life of the festivities, the monument glows like you would have never seen before. The eyes of the people from across the city, who walk down these lanes shine brighter than the brightest of the lights around. Continue reading “Life & Lights: CharMinar!!”


The 10k Bet!! WTF!!

It is well known in all my circles that I am a notoriously, impulsive, reckless shopper of things I absolutely do not need. It is not at all uncommon for me to take my friends shopping and step into a store with the ultimate resolution of not buying anything and in the end repenting “Why the hell did I even get into that store”??

I was so into it all, that one fine day I just made a harmless statement in front of a friend (which was more like a wish) :

 “If ever I could get a huge amount of money to shop, I would end up buying almost everything on my wishlist!!”

I consider shopping as one of my hobbies, one I was very good at. I would proudly call myself a Pro at shopping and answer the shopping dilemmas of all my near and dear ones. One day out of the blue I got an offer from the same person, a bet precisely; that was as scary as it was tempting:

“I got 10k to spend. I had to spend the money buying non-perishable items. I had to spend it all in 25 mins. I should have all the bills amounting to no less than 9.5k and no more than 10k by the end of 25 mins.
Catch : If I don’t meet any of the above conditions – ofcourse, I am paying my bills and on top of it I am paying equal amount for my friends shopping (without any conditions).”


It felt like eating a Cheese cake initially but as I figured out the nitty gritties of what I will buy I ended up getting more worried. I was no longer playing for fun but playing to win (and that ofcourse gets you under pressure)!! I had all sorts of plans made by the time we reached the mall, which stores I would go to, what products I need, what things I want.

I never thought Shopping could get scary but then came the moment of truth; we started our timers for 25 mins at the entrance of the mall and I ran like a lost kid searching for his parents all over the place. I moved from store to store and passed 15 minutes without anything in my hands. I mean whats wrong I could do this in my sleep. But thankfully Promod and BodyShop came to my rescue. I could get my hands on a nice pair of shoes from Promod and then I went crazzzzzy at Body Shop to do the rest.


In the end I finished my challenge, meeting all the conditions but I couldnt rejoice any moment of the whole process. I became so competitive about my hobby that it didnt feel hobby-ish anymore. But yeah never had an hour as crazy as this, one moment I was in my PJ’s relaxing at home and other I was running from store to store. Grabbed stuff worth 10k 😀 😀 😀 & learned a lot if I ever get an offer like this again..  Hahaha!!

Soul Strokes…


A Holiday in Hampi

Hampi is like one of those destinations that you can run away to, for a break from your busy lives and rejuvenate. Enjoy the wonders of historical architecture and the beauty & serenity of nature. The place fills you with loads of happy and positive energy. Continue reading “A Holiday in Hampi”