One word, ten letters, dictionary meaning: a “relationship” between friends, sounds too simple right? No one has ever probably looked at the dictionary meaning of the word cause we all learn and understand what the word means by experience while growing up. When I was a kid and we moved to a new place I […]

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My Ex Garden :(

One of the many things I dislike about moving to a new city is leaving all the beautiful plants that you gave your sweat and time and love to behind. This post is so I don’t forget what I had and also to motivate me to build something new again soon!

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The City of Ghats: Varanasi

Varanasi was never in the list of cities that I wanted to travel to. Mainly cause I did my Engineering in the lap of Haridwar, my college was literally an hour away from Haridwar making it our weekend goto destination and also making Rishikesh a quarterly travel spot. So its natural that I got pretty […]

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