8 Things To Do Before 2018 :)

Now that we are just 8 days away from 2018, I thought I would do something exciting before the new year knocks on the door. And as I started planning out on the 8 Things I wanted to do before this year ends, I decided to share it with you all as well. So here we go…  

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My Maiden Trip to Rajasthan!!

Hello Friends!! We are close to the end of February and if you follow me on Instagram you would know that I have been traveling a lot since January end. And now that I am finally back in Hyderabad and settled in my daily routine, it’s time to share my experiences with you all. This one was a very impromptu plan with a bunch of friends from Delhi. A road trip, loads of fun, drama and a much needed rejuvenating vacation for all of us. Continue reading “My Maiden Trip to Rajasthan!!”